Fear in Fun Park

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Fear in Fun Park
Directed by Donald Crombie
Produced by Sue Milliken
John Hanrahan
Written by Patricia Johnson
Based on character created by Leslie Charteris
Starring Simon Dutton
Rebecca Gilling
Ed Devereaux
Cinematography Andrew Lesnie
Taffner Ramsay-Templar Productions
Distributed by Network Seven
Release dates
Running time
100 mins
Country Australia
Language English

Fear in Fun Park is a 1989 TV film featuring Simon Dutton as Simon Templar, the crimefighter also known as The Saint. It was one of a series of Saint films produced in Australia and broadcast as part of the syndicated series Mystery Wheel of Adventure. It was set in Australia and was also known as Summertime in Sydney and The Saint in Australia.[1][2]


The Saint arrives in Sydney to look for a friend's daughter who is caught up in the Asian slave trade.


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