Fear of a Blank Planet (song)

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"Fear of a Blank Planet"
Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet (Promo).JPG
Cover of the Roadrunner Records promo single.
Single by Porcupine Tree
from the album Fear of a Blank Planet
Released European Union 16 April 2007
United States 24 April 2007
Japan 25 April 2007
Canada 1 May 2007
Recorded October - December 2006
Genre Progressive rock, progressive metal
Length 7:28 (album version)
4:18 (single version)
Songwriter(s) Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Gavin Harrison
Porcupine Tree singles chronology
"Fear of a Blank Planet"
"'Way Out of Here'"
Fear of a Blank Planet
Way Out of Here
Fear of a Blank Planet track listing
  1. "Fear of a Blank Planet"
  2. "My Ashes"
  3. "Anesthetize"
  4. "Sentimental"
  5. "Way Out of Here"
  6. "Sleep Together"

"Fear of a Blank Planet" is a Porcupine Tree song. It appears as the first track on the album of the same name. A promo single of the song was released in Europe and the United States, by respective record labels. Both promos contain an edited version of "Fear of a Blank Planet" with the swearing removed.[1] The lyrics deal with two common neurobehavioural developmental disorders for teenagers in the 21st Century: bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder.

Track listing[edit]


The Atlantic Records promo CD includes three different versions of the song, and is pressed to look like a 7" vinyl.

  1. Fear of a Blank Planet (Amended Edit) - 4:18
  2. Fear of a Blank Planet (Explicit Edit) - 4:18
  3. Fear of a Blank Planet (Album Version) - 7:28


There is a Roadrunner Records two-track promo which came housed in a cardboard sleeve with unique artwork and contains two radio-edit versions of the song.

  1. Fear of a Blank Planet (Clean Edit) - 4:18
  2. Fear of a Blank Planet (Dirty Edit) - 4:18

Personnel (song)[edit]

Music video[edit]

On 16 April 2007, the same day as the European release date, the music video for the title track debuted on Porcupine Tree's MySpace, though it was temporarily removed a day later in the wake of the shootings at Virginia Tech due to the band finding the content, namely children wielding guns, distasteful at the present. On 25 April 2007, the video was launched on the Fear of a Blank Planet microsite to view in high resolution and was replaced several months later by the live projection for "Sleep Together". The video is now included as a bonus along with the 17-minute film for "Anesthetize" on the DVD-A version of Fear of a Blank Planet.

Personnel (video)[edit]