Fearless (Eighth Wonder album)

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Studio album by Eighth Wonder
Released June 24, 1988
Recorded 1985-1988
PWL Studios, London
Swanyard Studios, London
The Workhouse Studios, London
Genre Pop
Length 42:32 (original release)
71:52 (2010 reissue)
Label CBS (1988)
Cherry Red Records (2010)
Producer Richard James Burgess, Mike Chapman, Pete Hammond, Phil Harding, Pet Shop Boys, Alan Shacklock
Singles from Fearless
  1. "Stay With Me"
    Released: October 1985
  2. "Will You Remember?"
    Released: February 1987
  3. "When The Phone Stops Ringing"
    Released: 1987
  4. "I'm Not Scared"
    Released: February 1988
  5. "Cross My Heart"
    Released: June 1988
  6. "Baby Baby"
    Released: October 1988

Fearless is the 1988 debut album by British pop group Eighth Wonder. It is the group's only UK album release, is entirely uptempo, and contains six UK-issued singles (the earliest, "Stay With Me", dating back to 1985) including their highest-selling and best-remembered track, the Pet Shop Boys-produced and written "I'm Not Scared" (a #7 hit), and "Cross My Heart" (#13). Fearless peaked at #47 on the UK Albums Chart. Eighth Wonder split up in 1989, with lead singer Patsy Kensit going on to devote herself to her acting career.

Fearless was reissued in the UK by Cherry Red Records in January 2010, with the addition of five bonus tracks.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Cross My Heart" Michael Jay Pete Hammond 3:27
2. "When the Phone Stops Ringing" Holly Knight, Bernie Taupin Mike Chapman 3:48
3. "Baby Baby" Samuel Domingo, John Forte Hammond 4:00
4. "Will You Remember?" Chris McDaniels, London McDaniels, Phil Roy Chapman 4:31
5. "Wild Love" David Paul Bryant, Franne Golde Hammond 3:55
6. "I'm Not Scared" Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe Phil Harding, Pet Shop Boys 4:30
7. "Use Me" Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly Richard James Burgess 3:34
8. "Anything At All" Mark Tanner, Esther Terry Burgess 3:57
9. "My Baby's Heartbeat" Steinberg, Kelly Burgess 3:43
10. "The Dress" James House, Debrah Neal Burgess 3:51
11. "Stay With Me" (bonus track) Geoff Beauchamp, Patsy Kensit Alan Shacklock 3:16
Total length: 42:32

2010 reissue bonus tracks[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
12. "Cross My Heart" (Dance mix) Jay 7:08
13. "Let Me In" Beauchamp, Alexander Richard Godson, Kensit 4:36
14. "Baby Baby" (Dance mix) Domingo, Forte 7:01
15. "I'm Not Scared" (Disco mix) Tennant, Lowe 7:45
16. "J'Ai Pas Peur" (French version of I'm Not Scared) Tennant, Lowe 5:51


UK Singles Chart positions

  • 1985: "Stay With Me" (#65)
  • 1987: "Will You Remember?" (#83)
  • 1987: "When the Phone Stops Ringing" (–)
  • 1988: "I'm Not Scared" (#7)
  • 1988: "Cross My Heart" (#13)
  • 1988: "Baby Baby" (#65)