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Feathers are epidermal growths which form an outer covering on birds and some dinosaurs.

Feather may also refer to:


Science and technology[edit]

  • Feather, an incision in diamonds affecting diamond clarity
  • The industry term for the microscopic teeth on a knife
  • The NATO reporting name of the Yakovlev Yak-17 fighter aircraft
  • The minimum drag position of a rowing oar or an aircraft propeller, see feathering
  • The transitioning wing system designed for Burt Rutan's spacecraft

Medicine and biology[edit]

  • Feathered dinosaurs, dinosaurs that had feathers, probably the ancestors of birds
  • Feathering (horse), properly called "Feather" on some breeds, long hair growing over the lower leg and fetlocks of horses

Art, culture and entertainment[edit]


Film and theater[edit]




  • Vic Feather (1908–1976), former General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress in Great Britain, 1969–1973
  • Leonard Feather (1914–1994), jazz writer and producer
  • Lorraine Feather (born 1948), lyricist/songwriter, and the daughter of Leonard Feather

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