Feather Boy

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Feather boy
First edition cover
Author Nicky Singer
Illustrator Kevin Longport
Cover artist Connie Talbot
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series 1
Genre Children's
Publisher Collins
Publication date
1 January 2002
Pages 288
ISBN 978-0-00-712026-0
OCLC 48065506

Feather boy is a novel by Brighton-based author Nicky Singer; it was first published in 2002 by HarperCollins, under the Collins imprint.


Robert Nobel is a boy who despairs of his newly divorced parents. He is the victim of classroom jokes and a victim of Niker, the classroom bully. Robert is haunted by dreams that seem to tell the future as well as the past. His life changes when a storyteller, Catherine, invites some of his class to Mayfield Rest Home, a place Robert has previously dreamed about.

An old lady, Edith Sorrel, sends him on a quest to solve the mystery of the derelict Chance House, which has a legend regarding ghosts attached to it.


Feather Boy was adapted by the BBC into a children's series, directed by Dermot Boyd, starring Thomas Sangster, Sheila Hancock, Ronald Pickup, Aaron Johnson and Lindsey Coulson. The first episode was broadcast on CBBC on BBC 1 on 16 March 2004.

In late 2005, Peter Tabern and Nicky Singer adapted the book, into a musical with music and lyrics by Don Black and Debbie Wiseman. It was adapted for the 2006 cycle of plays for the Shell Connections Festival.

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