Feather Canyon

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Feather Canyon
LocationCalifornia, United States
Population centersPulga, Keddie
Traversed byCalifornia State Route 70, Feather River Route

The Feather Canyon (or Feather River Canyon) is a 42 mi (68 km) landform in the Feather Headwaters between Pulga, California (west) and Keddie, California (east) along portions of the North Fork Feather River (west & downstream) and the East Branch North Fork Feather River (east & upstream). The canyon is the location of portions of California State Route 70 and the Feather River Route, including the Tobin Bridges.[2]

The Feather River Canyon is well-known for high winds. The "Jarbo Winds", named for nearby Jarbo Gap, often blow down the canyon from the northeast. These katabatic winds are caused by high-pressure air over the Great Basin seeking a path through the Sierra Nevada to the low-pressure voids on the California coast. The 2018 Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in California's history, was driven into Paradise by these winds. [3] Meteorological records show 36 days since 2003 with gusts of 100 mph or more, up to 200 mph.


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