February 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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Feb. 11 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Feb. 13

All fixed commemorations below are observed on February 25 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.[note 1]

For February 12th, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on January 30.


Pre-Schism Western saints[edit]

Post-Schism Orthodox saints[edit]

New martyrs and confessors[edit]

  • New Hieromartyr Alexius (Buy), Bishop of Voronezh (1930)[32][33][34]
  • New Martyr Mitrophan, Archpriest (1931)[32][34][35]

Other commemorations[edit]

Icon gallery[edit]


  1. ^ The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the "Old Calendar").
    The notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the "New Calendar").
  2. ^ "In Africa, during the persecution of Diocletian, the birthday of the holy martyrs Saturninus, a priest, Dativus, Felix, Ampelius, and their companions. They had, as was their custom, assembled for Mass, when they were seized by the soldiers and put to death, under the proconsul Anolinus."[3]
  3. ^ "At Antioch, St. Meletius, a bishop, who often suffered exile for the Catholic faith, and finally died at Constantinople and went to his reward. His virtues have been highly extolled by St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory of Nyssa."[7]
  4. ^ Name days celebrated today include:
    • Meletios, Meletius (Μελέτιος).
  5. ^ There is no record of Saint Sisinnios in Greek Hagiography or in the official calendar of the Orthodox Church. In fact his memory is preserved in two codices of the 15th century, one of Venetian origin, and the other from the National Library of Florence. His tenure as Bishop is placed in the period of Emperor Romanos I Lekapenos (919-944), and lasted 34 years. His holy relics are kept in Venice.
  6. ^ Modestus was martyred in Carthage in North Africa and venerated as the patron-saint of Cartagena in Spain.
  7. ^ His relics were brought to Benevento in Italy in c 785.
  8. ^ "At Barcelona, in Spain, in the time of the emperor Diocletian, St. Eulalia, virgin, who, being racked, torn with iron hooks, cast into the fire, and crucified, received the glorious crown of martyrdom."[7]
  9. ^ His relics are enshrined in the ancient basilica of St Stephen in Verona.
  10. ^ Also called 'the Poor'. Tradition says that Julian killed his own parents in error. In repentance he and his wife went to Rome on pilgrimage and built a hospice by the side of a river where they tended the poor and the sick and rowed travellers across the river. For this reason he is venerated as the patron saint of boatmen, innkeepers and travellers.


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Greek Sources

Russian Sources

  • (Russian) 25 февраля (12 февраля). Православная Энциклопедия под редакцией Патриарха Московского и всея Руси Кирилла (электронная версия). (Orthodox Encyclopedia - Pravenc.ru).