February 1951 lunar eclipse

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The moon passed west to east (right to left) through the northern edge of the earth's penumbral shadow. It was too small to be visually perceptible.

A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on February 21, 1951.[1]

Grazing penumbral eclipse[edit]

The magnitude of the eclipse was 0.007 or a miss depending on definitions of the penumbral shadow is defined. Bao-Lin Lui's Canon of lunar eclipses list it as the last eclipse of a saros cycle, with magnitude 0.007, while NASA lists February 10, 1933, as the final series event, with this one missing the shadow.[2]

As seen from the lunar south pole the sun missing the sphere of the earth, excluding the atmosphere.

Lunar eclipse from moon-1951Feb21 lunar south pole.png

Related lunar eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

Lunar eclipse series sets from 1951–1955
Descending node   Ascending node
Saros Date
Saros Date
103 1951 Feb 21
Lunar eclipse from moon-1951Feb21.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1951Feb21.png
108 1951 Aug 17
Lunar eclipse from moon-1951Aug17.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1951Aug17.png
113 1952 Feb 11
Lunar eclipse from moon-1952Feb11.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1952Feb11.png
118 1952 Aug 5
Lunar eclipse from moon-1952Aug05.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1952Aug05.png
123 1953 Jan 29
Lunar eclipse from moon-1953Jan29.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1953Jan29.png
128 1953 Jul 26
Lunar eclipse from moon-1953Jul26.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1953Jul26.png
133 1954 Jan 19
Lunar eclipse from moon-1954Jan19.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1954Jan19.png
138 1954 Jul 16
Lunar eclipse from moon-1954Jul16.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1954Jul16.png
143 1955 Jan 8
Lunar eclipse from moon-1955Jan08.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1955Jan08.png
Last set 1951 Mar 23 Last set 1951 Sep 15
Next set 1955 Nov 29 Next set 1955 Jun 5

Metonic cycle (19 years)[edit]

This is the third of five Metonic lunar eclipses.

The Metonic cycle repeats nearly exactly every 19 years and represents a Saros cycle plus one lunar year. Because it occurs on the same calendar date, the earth's shadow will in nearly the same location relative to the background stars.

Metonic lunar eclipse sets 1951–2027
Descending node   Ascending node
Saros Date Type Saros Date Type
103 1951 Feb 21 Penumbral 108 1951 Aug 17 Penumbral
Lunar eclipse chart-1951Feb21.png Lunar eclipse chart-1951Aug17.png
113 1970 Feb 21 Partial 118 1970 Aug 17 Partial
Lunar eclipse chart-1970Feb21.png Lunar eclipse chart-1970Aug17.png
123 1989 Feb 20 Total 128 1989 Aug 17 Total
Lunar eclipse chart-1989Feb20.png Lunar eclipse chart-1989Aug17.png
133 2008 Feb 21 Total 138 2008 Aug 16 Partial
Lunar eclipse chart-2008Feb21.png Lunar eclipse chart-08aug16.png
143 2027 Feb 20 Penumbral 148 2027 Aug 17 Penumbral
Lunar eclipse chart-2027Feb20.png Lunar eclipse chart-2027Aug17.png

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  • Bao-Lin Lui, Alan D. Fiala, Canon of lunar eclipses 1500BC-3000AD, 1992, p. 157, no. 8397, magnitude 0.007.

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