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Symbol of Fedaian Organisation (Minority)

Fedaian Organisation (Minority) (Persian: سازمان فدائیان (اقليت)‎‎) is an Iranian Marxist-Leninist organisation. The organisation was formed as a split from the Organisation of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas in 1980. Initially the organisation was called Organisation of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (Minority) (Persian: سازمان چريکهای فدايي خلق ايران (اقليت)‎‎).

Today, the group is banned in Iran and currently performs limited activities in exile, mainly in Europe. The group publishes Kar.

Organisation of Fedaian (Minority) is a communist organisation that fights for overthrowing of capitalist order and establishing of a communist society.

Organisations of Fedaian (Minority) fights for establishing a society without classes where every sort of exploitation, oppression, discrimination, social inequality and suppression are abolished. All the society's free and equal members live in happiness, welfare and their abilities are thrived.

The immediate goal of the Organisation of Fedaian (Minority) is overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran and establishing the Soviet State of Workers and Toilers. Soviet State, which is the manifestation of the most consequent and complete form of democracy, will establish the broadest and most complete form of political freedoms, and with fulfillment the democratic, social and welfare demands the socialistic changes will begin.

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