Fedaian Organisation (Minority)

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Fedaian Organisation (Minority)
Leader Akbar Kāmyābi[1]
Founded June 1980[2]
Dissolved 1987[2]
Split from Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas[2]
Ideology Marxist-Leninist
National affiliation Union of People's Fedaian of Iran

Fedaian Organisation (Minority) (Persian: سازمان فدائیان (اقليت)‎, translit. Sāzmān-e Fadāʾiān (aqallīyat)‎) was an Iranian Marxist-Leninist organisation.[1] An offshoot of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas, it split over the dispute with the majority faction, adhering to the original militant policy of the group, opposing the Tudeh Party and insisted on challenging the Islamic Republic.[3]

In January 1982, it was joined by "Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian-Majority Left Wing" led by Moṣṭafā Madani, an offshoot of Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority) that broke away from the latter in October 1980.[1]

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