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Symbol of Fedaian Organisation (Minority)

Fedaian Organisation (Minority) (Persian: سازمان فدائیان (اقليت)‎‎) is an Iranian Marxist organisation that defines its goal as overthrowing the capitalist government and establishing a socialist system. The organisation was formed following the big split in the People's Fadai Guerrilla Organization of Iran in 1980. Initially the organisation was called Organisation of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (Minority) (Persian: سازمان چريکهای فدايي خلق ايران (اقليت)‎‎).

Fadaian Organization (Minority) is an offshoot of the People's Fadai Guerrilla Organization of Iran (PFGOI). PFGOI was an underground Marxist organization founded in 1971 and engaged in urban guerrilla warfare against the Pahlavi regime. During the 1979 revolution that overthrew the Shah, PFGOI turned into a large political organization with huge support from students, workers and ethnic minorities. PFGOI declared that it intended to form a working class party and organize struggles for a democratic and socialist system.

However, new political conditions appeared following the 1979 revolution set forth new challenges and debates in ranks of PFGOI. In dealing with the new government that succeeded monarchy two wings confronted withing the PFGOI. In the plenum of the central committee in summer 1979 the two wings were formed based on their analyses of the political situation. While the minority believed the new regime was a bourgeois rule that would destroy the revolution and its achievement, the majority thought the clergy-led regime was progressive and deserved support. With the seizure of the US The Minority blamed the Majority of leaving the revolutionary and militant tradition and adopting a reformist line.

Following the split, the Minority that kept the name of the People's Fadai Guerrilla Organization of Iran tried to form a new organization and turn it into a mass political party. However, a few months after the split the bloody repression of the opposition started in Iran in 1981. Hundreds of cadres and sympathizers of the Minority were executed and thousands of them were arrested. Nevertheless, the Minority continued activities to encourage strikes.

The first congress of the Minority was held in winter 1981 in order to outline a coherent policy concerning the changed conditions and underground activities.

In 1983 and 1984, the Minority was forced to move to Iranian Kurdistan, where the regime did not have a full control.

In 1985 further splits occurred in the Minority and there smaller splinters separated. The major part called itself Fadaian Organization (Minority) and continued to publish a weekly named Kar and launched an Internet TV the Shorai TV.

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