Federação Pernambucana de Futebol

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Federação Pernambucana de Futebol
Formation July 16, 1915
Type List of international sport federations
Headquarters Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Official language
Evandro Carvalho
Website fpf-pe.com.br

The Federação Pernambucana de Futebol (English: Pernambuco Football Federation), once named Liga Esportiva Pernambucana (English: Pernambucan Sport League), also known by the acronym FPF, organizes and administrates the Campeonato Pernambucano (English: Pernambucan Football Championship), the Copa Pernambuco (English: Pernambuco Cup) and the Pernambucan Football Championship lower levels). It was founded in 1915. Carlos Alberto Oliveira was the president of FPF until his death on August 29, 2011 being replaced by Evandro Carvalho.[1][2]


The original founders of the Federation were:

The following clubs also share the status of founders:

In the Founding Assembly the following sport leagues were present:

  • Olindense de Desportos,
  • Desportiva Caruaruense,
  • Desportiva Garanhuense, and
  • Desportiva de Pesqueira.

Current clubs in Brasileirão[edit]

As of 2017 season.

Club City
Série A
Sport Recife
Série B
Náutico Recife
Santa Cruz Recife
Série C
Salgueiro Salgueiro
Série D
América Recife
Central Caruaru
Serra Talhada Serra Talhada


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