Federação Pernambucana de Futebol

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Federação Pernambucana de Futebol (English: Pernambuco Football Federation), once named Liga Esportiva Pernambucana (English: Pernambucan Sport League), organizes and administrates the Campeonato Pernambucano (English: Pernambucan Football Championship), the Copa Pernambuco (English: Pernambuco Cup) and the Pernambucan Football Championship lower levels).

The original founders of the Federation are:

The following clubs also share the status of founders:

In the Founding Assembly the following sport leagues were present:

  • Olindense de Desportos,
  • Desportiva Caruaruense,
  • Desportiva Garanhuense, and
  • Desportiva de Pesqueira.

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