East Timor Football Federation

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East Timor Football Federation
Timor Leste FA.png
Founded 2002
FIFA affiliation 2005
AFC affiliation 2002 (Associate member),[1] 2005
AFF affiliation 2004
President Francisco Kalbuady Lay

The Federação Futebol de Timor-Leste (English: East Timor Football Federation) is the governing body of football in East Timor. In 2016 Timor-Leste run their own league under supervision of FFTL and Secretary of State for Youth and Sport. The name of the league is Liga Futebol Amadora do Timor-Leste(English: Amateur Football League of East Timor).

FFTL Bodies[edit]

Executive Committee[edit]

Position Name
President Francisco Kalbuadi Lay[2]
Vice President Aleixo Da Silva Gama[3]
Vice President Osorio Florindo da Conceicao Costa[3]
Vice President Francisco MCP Jeronimo[3]
General Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Lelia Martins[citation needed]
Media Officer Rosa Pereira[citation needed]
Futsal Coordinator Almerio Lopes[citation needed]
Referee Coordinator Gelasio da Silva Carvalho[citation needed]


All players[citation needed] Registered players Youth Players (U8-U14) Unregistered Players Clubs Academy Officials
15,500[citation needed] 567 2,550 5,000 21 17 147

Principal officials of FFTL[edit]


Football venue[edit]

National teams[edit]

Currently, Timor Leste has the following football national teams:

Controversies and critics[edit]

Francisco Kalbuadi Lay corruption scandal[edit]

The chairman of FFTL Francisco Kalbuadi Lay did not win the FFTL Presidential Race at the 2007 Extraordinary Congress; however, Kalbuadi continued his presidency until now. Pedro Carrascalao who claimed he won the Presidential Race, had not work at FFTL office since 2007. At 2007 Extraordinary Congress Carrascalao have 13 voting members who elected him as the President of FFTL. Carrascalao alleges that FFTL members were forced to call an Extraordinary Congress in 2007 after the organisation failed to hold a regular Congress – in which a Presidential vote would have been held – in the necessary timeframe. He says members were also greatly concerned about potential corruption within the organisation at the time. [5]

General Secretary: Amandio Sarmento Scandal[edit]

In February 2017, FIFA have terminated and banned General Secretary Amandio Sarmento of FFTL. Sarmento is banned for three years of football activity. Furthermore, Sarmento is guilty of using falsified documents in connection with the fielding of ineligible players by Timor-Leste. [6]


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