Federal Ministry of Matters of the Marshall Plan

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The Federal Ministry of Marshall Plan Affairs was a ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany charged with overseeing the rebuilding of the new republic using money and aid given by the United States as part of the European Recovery Program (also called Marshall Plan).

Founded in 1949, the Ministry was renamed Ministry for Economic Cooperation. In 1957 it was transformed into the Minister for Federal Patrimony, which existed until 1969.

The first and only Minister was Franz Blücher (FDP and later FVP), who also was Vice Chancellor

List of Federal Ministers[edit]

Political Party:   FDP/FVP

Portrait Party Term of Office Chancellor
Franz Blücher
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-P001512, Franz Blücher 2.jpg FDP (until 1956)
FVP (from 1956)
Federal Minister for Matters of the Marshall Plan
20 September 1949 20 October 1953 Adenauer
Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation
20 October 1953 29 October 1957 Adenauer