Federal Prison Camp, Yankton

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Federal Prison Camp, Yankton
Yankton Federal Prison Camp 2.JPG
LocationYankton, South Dakota
Coordinates42°52′51″N 97°23′30″W / 42.8809°N 97.3918°W / 42.8809; -97.3918Coordinates: 42°52′51″N 97°23′30″W / 42.8809°N 97.3918°W / 42.8809; -97.3918
Security classMinimum-security
Managed byFederal Bureau of Prisons

The Federal Prison Camp, Yankton (FPC Yankton) is a minimum-security United States federal prison for male inmates in Yankton, South Dakota. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. The prison is situated on the former campus of Yankton College, which operated until 1984. The site was converted to a prison in 1988.

FPC Yankton is located 60 miles northwest of Sioux City, Iowa, and 85 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

Forbes magazine rated FPC Yankton one of "Americas 10 Cushiest Prisons" in 2009. In describing the facility, Asher Hawkins wrote, "The winters are tough, and the nearest city of any size is at least an hour away, but Yankton is a standalone minimum-security facility with a staff that's not too tough on prisoners. White-collar cons can take classes in accounting, business administration and business management."[2]

In Twin Peaks, Special Agent Dale Cooper's doppelgänger is held at FPC Yankton.

Notable inmates[edit]

Inmate name Register number Status Details
Shawn Merriman 36404-013 Serving a 12-year sentence; scheduled for release in 2020. Former Mormon bishop; pleaded guilty in 2009 to mail fraud for masterminding a Ponzi scheme which defrauded 67 investors of $20 million between 1995 and 2009; the story was featured on the CNBC television program American Greed.[3][4]
John McTiernan 43029-112 Served 328 days; released in February 2014. Director of the films Predator, Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October; pleaded guilty in 2006 to making false statements and perjury for lying to FBI agents and a federal judge investigating illegal wiretapping charges against private investigator Anthony Pellicano.[5][6]

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