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FRASER (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research)
Web address
Commercial No
Type of site
Owner Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Launched 2004

The Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER) is a digital archive begun in 2004 by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to safeguard, preserve and provide easy access to the United States’ economic history, particularly the history of the Federal Reserve System, through digitization of documents related to the U.S. financial system.[1][2]

Documents available[edit]

Digitized documents include:[2]

  • Publications of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • Publications of each of the Federal Reserve banks
  • Statements, speeches and archival materials of Federal Reserve policymakers
  • Government data publications
  • Statistical releases
  • Congressional hearings
  • Books
  • Reports by various organizations


To create and maintain FRASER, the St. Louis Fed collaborated with the Federal Depository Library Program libraries (collaboration begin in 2005)[3] United States Government Printing Office, and several university and public libraries.[2]


FRASER has been praised by advocates of government transparency for continually adding to its collection of freely available historical documents.[4]

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