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Industry Telecommunication, Chemical analysis, Vacuum systems, Crystal Growth Equipment
Founded 1973 (1973)
Headquarters Chernogolovka, Russia
Key people

Vladimir Borodin (general manager)

Arkadiy Aparshin (chief engineer)
Products Multiplexers, high-vacuum systems, automation equipment, data processing equipment, instruments for investigation of structure and chemical analysis of materials, Software
Services Telecommunication services

US$785866 (2009)[1]

US$1.76 million (2006)[2]
Owner Russian Academy of Sciences
Number of employees
Website www.ezan.ac.ru

EZAN (Russian: ФГУП ЭЗАН) — Russian company that produces a wide range of equipment for science, industry, telecommunications, transport and energy.


Ezan main building at 2011
Ezan main building at 2002

Construction of the Experimental Factory of Scientific Engineering of the USSR began in 1970 according to the decision of the Council of Ministers.[3] The plant began work in 1973. Initially, acting director of the organizing EFSE played one of the founders of Chernogolovka F. Dubovitsky.


  1. 1970 - 1972 F. I. Dubovitsky — director-organizer[4]
  2. 1972 - 1986 B. S. Kononov— director[4]
  3. 1986 - 1991 L. P. Kokurin — director[4]
  4. 1991 - nowadays. V. A. Borodin— general manager[3]

Economic indicators[edit]

In year of 2006.

Parameter Value
Volume of production[2] US$23 million
Net income US$1.76 million
Average salary US$600

Business structure[2][edit]

Main engineering units[edit]

  • Special Design Bureau
  • Technical department
  • Department of digital telecommunications equipment
  • Crystal Growth Laboratory
  • Central Laboratory
  • The central laboratory of instrumentation
  • Quality control department
  • Service Center

The main types of industries and technologies[edit]

  • Harvest area
  • Toolshop
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Welding area
  • Foundry
  • Frame-injection molding workshop
  • Area of ceramics and plastics
  • Painting area
  • Electroplating workshop
  • Installation and assembly workshop

Representative offices[edit]

Moscow representative office[edit]

Otkrytoe shosse, 14, office 3/8, Moscow, Russia
Chief: Nikolay Kuznetsov

Vienna representative office[edit]

Donau-City Str.l, A-1220 Vienna, Austria
Chief: Valery Shevchenko


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