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1863 Cauca State
1865 Sovereign State of Cauca

Cauca State was one of the states of Colombia.

Today the area of the former state makes up most of modern day west and southern Colombia, with some portion of its vast territories acquired by present day Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela.


  • 15 of june of 1857 created as Estado Federal del Cauca (Federal State of Cauca).
  • 1858 recognized as Estado de la Federación in the 1858 constitution of the Granadine Confederation,[1]
  • 1863 named Estado Soberano del Cauca (Sovereign State of Cauca) in the 1863 constitution of the United States of Colombia.[2]

Known as "Gran Cauca", because it was the largest [3] and richest[4] of the Union.


In the 15 June 1857 law, the state was divided into the following provinces [5]

In 1858, the setup was changed, Barbacoas and Túquerres were added to Pasto:[5]

In 1874, the provinces had been changed into municipalities and the number increased to 16:[5]


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