Federale (band)

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Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres Western, folk music
Years active 2004–present
Associated acts The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Builders and the Butchers
The High Violets
Website [1]
Members Collin Hegna
Carl Werner
Dasa Kalstrom
Sebastian Bibb-Barrett
Colin Sheridan
Brian Gardiner
Maria Karlin
Dusty Dybvig

Federale is a band based in Portland, Oregon that plays music in the genre of western music.


Federale formed in 2004 after the breakup of Portland band "Cocaine Unicorn"[1][2] by Collin Hegna of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Their music is often compared to the work of Ennio Morricone.[1][2] Other notable members include Sebastian Bibb-Barrett of "The Builders and the Butchers", Colin Sheridan of "The High Violets", and Dusty Dybvig of "Bark Hide and Horn"


  • La Rayar: A Tale of Revenge (Revolver Records, 2008)
  • Devil In A Boot (Revolver Records, 2009)
  • The Blood Flowed Like Wine (Federal Records, 2012)

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