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Logo of Federalist Alliance

The Federalist Alliance (Alleanza Federalista) was a federalist Italian political party, which is the emanation of Lega Nord in Central and Southern Italy.

It was founded in 2003, after that Lega Sud Ausonia of Gianfranco Vestuto, which had been its sister-party in the South for many years, broke the alliance with Lega Nord and turned to its original anti-Northern feelings.

The party is led by Giacomo Chiappori, former MP of Lega Nord and leader of Lega Nord Liguria with Southern ascent. The party has two regional deputies in Tuscany, where also Lega Nord Toscana is active: Virgilio Luvisotti and Jacopo Maria Ferri.

In the 2008 general election both Chiappori and Maraventano were elected to the Italian Parliament, to the Chamber of Deputies for Lombardy and to the Senate for Emilia-Romagna respectively.