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Federalna televizija
Logo of FTV (2012-13).png
FTV screen logo, a stylish bar with the letter "F"
Launched 27 October 2001
Network RTVFBiH
Owned by Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Picture format 4:3 576i (SDTV)

„Znam gdje sam!“

(I know where I am!)
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Language Bosnian and Croatian
Affiliates Federalni Radio
Headquarters Sarajevo
Sister channel(s) FTV 2 (2001 - 2003.)
Website www.federalna.ba
Terrestrial signal Across the territory of FBiH entity and BiH
Telemach Channel 002
Blic.net Channel 004
MISS.NET Channel 008
BHB CABLE TV Channel 009
M&H Company Channel 010
SBB D3 (Serbia) Channel 225
Moja TV Channel 033
SUPER TV Channel 002
Open IPTV (BiH) Channel 006
Bosna TV Channel 005
TotalTV Channel 004
Main logo of Federalna TV.

Federalna televizija (locally known as FTV or Federalna TV) is a public mainstream TV channel operated by Radio-Television of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RTVFBiH). The program is broadcast on a daily basis, 24 hours from RTVFBiH headquarters located in Sarajevo. The radio and television program is mainly produced in Bosnian and Croatian language. Television program initially aired on two television channels (FTV1 and FTV2). Since April 2003 the television program is reduced to one (just FTV). According to the most recent measurements viewership of television channels in 2012, FTV is most watched television station in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 14.4% share. [1] This television channel broadcasts a variety of programs such as news, talk shows, documentaries, sports, movies, mosaic, children's programs, etc. FTV also broadcasts teletext services (Teletext FTV).

Current line-up[edit]

News program[edit]

  • Dnevnik - main news, sport and weather information every day at 12:00 (Dnevnik 1), 19:30 (Dnevnik 2) and around 23:00 (Dnevnik 3)
  • Vijesti - short news, runs in 08:00, 10:00, 14:15 - 14:45,
  • Federacija danas - (Federation today) local and regional news from a major cities of FBiH entity which is broadcast at 17:00 (Monday to Friday). Regional tv studios (also called ITC) are located in: Bihać, Mostar, Tuzla, Zenica and Travnik.
  • Paralele - very popular magazine about world news and politics hosted by Mladen Marić (broadcast on Fridays at 22.05)

Talk shows[edit]

  • Pošteno - (Honestly) political talk show hosted by Duška Jurišić with guests (broadcast on Monday at 20:10)
  • Odgovorite ljudima - (Answer to people) talk show with guests on various topics from BiH society (broadcast on Wednesday at 20:10)
  • Dnevnik D - short primetime interview with guests (broadcast on Thursday at 20:05)


Documentary Program[edit]

  • Dokumentarni četvrtak - (Documentary Thursday) The documentary series made in and about BiH (Produced by FTV) or regional authors (like Serbian B92...)
  • Sedmica (Week) - the weekly show presents all major cultural events across Federation of BiH (from cinema program, exhibitions, book presentations, concerts of classical music, theater, and up to the opera and ballet)
  • Mozaik religija - (Mosaic of religions) - magazine about religion topics in BiH
  • Zelena panorama - (Green panorama) program about agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ekovizija - (Eco vision) programs on environmental protection issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Prirodna baština (Natural heritage) educational program dedicated to geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sports program[edit]

Bosnian series made by FTV[edit]

Foreign series[edit]

  • Aşk ve Ceza - (in Bosnian: Ljubav i kazna) Turkish soap opera
  • Ezel - Turkish soap opera (in cooperation with BHT 1)
  • Larin izbor - Croatian soap opera (Season 1 in cooperation with RTRS)
  • Sve će biti dobro (Everything will be fine) - Croatian soap opera
  • Dolina sunca (Sun valley) - Croatian soap opera
  • Villa Maria - Croatian soap opera

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