Federated Sabah People's Front

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Federated Sabah People's Front
Barisan Rakyat Sabah Bersekutu
Abbreviation BERSEKUTU
Founder Harris Salleh
Founded 1998
Dissolved 2010
Succeeded by Sabah People's Front
Headquarters Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Membership (2010) 38,000
Colours Blue, green, yellow
Coat of arms of Malaysia.svg
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The Federated Sabah People's Front or Barisan Rakyat Sabah Bersekutu (BERSEKUTU) was a political party based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.[1][2] The party was formed in 1998 by the former Chief Minister of Sabah, Harris Salleh.

1999 General Election[edit]

Harris decided that the party should field candidates in all 48 constituencies of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly, compared to the 40 contested by Sabah United Party (PBS). However, they fared poorly, losing deposits; Barisan Nasional won 31 seats and PBS the remaining 17.


The party's President announced its dissolution on 15 December 2010. He then formed a new party, the Sabah People's Front or Barisan Rakyat Sabah (SPF).