Lebanese Football Association

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Lebanese Football Association
Lebanese Football Association (LFA) logo.svg
Founded22 March 1933; 89 years ago (1933-03-22)
FIFA affiliation1936
AFC affiliation1964
WAFF affiliation2001
PresidentHachem Haidar
Websitethe-lfa.com (in Arabic)

The Lebanese Football Association (LFA) (Arabic: الاتحاد اللبناني لكرة القدم; French: Fédération Libanaise de Football) is the governing body of association football in Lebanon. Formed in 1933, it is a member of both the AFC and FIFA. It is also one of the founding members of the WAFF, joining in its inception in 2001.


In 1931 Khalil Hilmi, a member of Riyadi Beirut, attempted to form a federation.[1] However, the proposal failed as Nahda opposed its formation.[1] On 22 March 1933, representatives of thirteen football clubs gathered in the Minet El Hosn district in Beirut to form the Lebanese Football Association (LFA).[2] Hussein Sejaan was the LFA's first president.[3] Lebanon was one of the first nations in the Middle East to establish an administrative body for association football.[a][4] The LFA joined FIFA in 1936 and the AFC in 1964.[5] In 2001, the LFA joined the WAFF as one of its founding members.[6]

In 1985, in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War, the LFA was divided into two administrations: Western, headed by Nabil Al Raei, and Eastern, headed by Hamid Khoury.[7] FIFA froze Lebanon's membership until 5 February 1987, when FIFA president Sepp Blatter sent a Telex letter to the LFA recognizing the elections of 2 May 1985, which had elected Al Raei as the LFA president.[7]


As of 6 April 2020[8]
Name Tenure
Hussein Sejaan 1934–1935
Pierre Gemayel 1935–1939
Fouad Ammoun 1939
Jamil Sawaya 1939–1942
Gabriel Jamil 1942–1944
Bahij Salem 1944–1946
Nassif Majdalani 1946–1949
Fouad Chamoun 1949–1955
Izzat Al Turk 1955–1958
Pierre Edde 1958–1962
George Dabbas 1962–1964
Albert Kheir 1964–1967
Hamid Khoury 1967–1985
Nabil Al Raei 1985–2001
Hachem Haidar 2001–present
General Secretary
Name Tenure
Elie Bakhaze 1944–1946
Izzat Al Turk 1946–1967
Joseph Nalbandian 1967–1985
Raheef Alameh 1985–2001
Bahij Bou Hamzah 2001–2005
Raheef Alameh 2005–2012
Jihad El Chohof 2012–present

Board of directors[edit]

As of 15 July 2021[9][10][11]
Position Name
President Lebanon Hachem Haidar
Senior Vice President Lebanon Raymond Semaan
Second Vice President Lebanon Ahmad Kamareddine
General Secretary Lebanon Jihad El Chohof
Treasurer Lebanon Mahmoud El Rabaah
Media and Communication Manager Lebanon Faten Abi Firaj
Technical Director Lebanon Mohamad Bassem
Futsal Coordinator Lebanon Semaan Gergis Douaihy
National Coach Men Czech Republic Ivan Hašek
National Coach Women Lebanon Wael Gharzeddine
Referee Coordinator Lebanon Talaat Najm

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