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The Federation of British Artists (FBA) consists of nine art societies, and is based at Mall Galleries in London where the societies' Annual Exhibitions are held. The societies represent living artists working in the United Kingdom who create contemporary figurative art. Mall Galleries aim to ‘promote, inspire and educate audiences about the visual arts.’


The FBA has over 500 artist-members, who regularly exhibit their work and also accept open submissions from the public. In addition to the member societies, other societies and individual artists also stage shows at Mall Galleries. Over 100 prizes and awards are administered each year by the societies.

The gallery also has a commissions department and Friends organisation. The galleries' education department runs a Schools Programme, which includes gallery based workshops for Primary and Secondary school students.

Gallery projects include a drawing school and summer courses run by the New English Art Club, as well as The Hesketh Hubbard Art Society, the largest life drawing society in London, who meet to draw from life models.

The FBA is a registered charity, number 200048, and was established in 1961.

Societies in the FBA[edit]

Other exhibiting societies[edit]

Societies that have exhibited at Mall Galleries include:

  • Armed Forces Art Society
  • East Anglian Group of Marine Artists
  • The Guild of Aviation Artists
  • Society of Equestrian Artists
  • The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers
  • The Society of Women Artists
  • The Society for Art of Imagination
  • The Wapping Group of Artists


Prizes which are awarded at Mall Galleries include:

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