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Federation of Canadian Municipalities

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Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Fédération canadienne des municipalités
FormationMarch 18, 1937; 87 years ago (March 18, 1937)
Merger of
  • Union of Canadian Municipalities
  • Dominion Conference of Mayors
TypeLocal government organization
Legal statusNon-profit corporation
HeadquartersOttawa, Ontario
Region served
Official languages
English, French
Key people
Formerly called
Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM, (in French) Fédération canadienne des municipalités) is an advocacy group representing over 2000 Canadian municipalities. It is an organization with no formal power but significant ability to influence debate and policy, as it is a main national lobby group of mayors, councillors and other elected municipal officials. It negotiates with the Government of Canada's departments and agencies on behalf of municipalities, and provides fund administration services for the Government of Canada's departments and agencies.


In 1901, the Union of Canadian Municipalities was formed to represent the interests of municipal governments. Another association, the Dominion Conference of Mayors was established in 1935.[1] In 1937, these two associations were amalgamated into the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities which in 1976 would be renamed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.[2]

FCM was instrumental in negotiating the federal government's 2005 "New Deal for Cities" programme,[3] under which Canadian federal gasoline taxes are remitted to municipalities.[4]



• Flow-through for $2 billion of federal funds to municipalities from a Gas Tax Fund.

• Worked to address municipal infrastructure deficit. Changes in federal policy are not attributable to any specific group or campaign. "In the 2009 budget, the federal government committed more than $12 billion over two years in new and accelerated infrastructure funding to municipal priorities."


• Flow-through for federal funds to support municipal initiatives that improve air, water and soil quality, and protect the climate through the Green Municipal Fund's below-market loans, grants, education and training. This programme was established by the Chrétien government in 2001 with $100 million "to stimulate investment in innovative municipal infrastructure", and "to support municipal government action to cut pollution, reduce greenhouse gases and improve quality of life".[2]

International development:

• Flow-through for federal aid for development cooperation in more than 40 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean since 1987.

List of FCM Presidents[edit]

No. Year[a] Name Office Community Province
1 1937 Edward Joseph Cragg Mayor Halifax Nova Scotia
2 1938 J. E. Stanley Lewis Mayor Ottawa Ontario
3 1943 Adhémar Raynault Mayor Montreal Quebec
4 1944 Frederick J. Conboy Mayor Toronto Ontario
5 1945[b] Robert Hood Saunders Mayor Toronto Ontario
6 1945 Jonathan Webster Cornett Mayor Vancouver British Columbia
7 1946 Garnet Coulter Mayor Winnipeg Manitoba
8 1947 Ray T. Forbes Mayor Fredericton New Brunswick
9 1948 Lucien-Hubert Borne Mayor Quebec City Quebec
10 1949 George C. MacLean Mayor Saint Boniface Manitoba
11 1950 Pierre-Horace Boivin Mayor Granby Quebec
12 1951 Percy E. George Mayor Victoria British Columbia
13 1951[c] G. C. Miller Alderman Victoria British Columbia
14 1952 Archibald J. Mason Mayor Springhill Nova Scotia
15 1952[d] Joseph-Omer Asselin Councillor Montreal Quebec
16 1953[e] Donald Hugh Mackay Mayor Calgary Alberta
17 1955 J. David Stewart Mayor Charlottetown Prince Edward Island
18 1956 William Hawrelak Mayor Edmonton Alberta
19 1957 Lloyd Douglas Jackson Mayor Hamilton Ontario
20 1958 Harry Mews Mayor St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador
21 1959 Robert Simpson Mayor Arnprior Ontario
22 1960 Sidney Buckwold Mayor Saskatoon Saskatchewan
23 1961 Percy B. Scurrah Mayor Victoria British Columbia
(1 of 2)
1961[f] Chaim Kushner Mayor West Kildonan Manitoba
25 1962 Joseph-Alfred Mongrain Mayor Trois-Rivières Quebec
26 1963 Irvin William Akerley Mayor Dartmouth Nova Scotia
27 1963[g] Beth Woods Mayor New Westminster British Columbia
(2 of 2)
1963[h] Chaim Kushner Mayor West Kildonan Manitoba
28 1964 Charles Augustus Vaughan Mayor Halifax Nova Scotia
29 1965 Victor Copps Mayor Hamilton Ontario
30 1966 William Rathie Mayor Vancouver British Columbia
31 1966[i] Reginald Dawson Mayor Mount Royal Quebec
32 1967 Vincent Dantzer Mayor Edmonton Alberta
33 1968 Albert Campbell Mayor Scarborough Ontario
34 1969 Allan O'Brien Mayor Halifax Nova Scotia
35 1970 Ivor Dent Mayor Edmonton Alberta
36 1971 Marcel D'Amour Mayor Hull Quebec
37 1972 Bud Bird Mayor Fredericton New Brunswick
38 1973 Bernie Wolfe Councillor Winnipeg Manitoba
39 1974 Paul Godfrey Chairman Metropolitan Toronto Ontario
40 1975 Dan Munroe Mayor Glace Bay Nova Scotia
41 1976 Jack Volrich Mayor Vancouver British Columbia
42 1978 Paul-Olivier Trépanier Mayor Granby Quebec
43 1979 Cec Purves Mayor Edmonton Alberta
44 1980 Dennis Flynn Mayor Etobicoke Ontario
45 1981 Daniel Brownlow Mayor Dartmouth Nova Scotia
46 1982 Jean Pelletier Mayor Quebec City Quebec
47 1983 Ted Brady Mayor Carlyle Saskatchewan
48 1984 Doreen Lawson Alderman Burnaby British Columbia
49 1985 Ron Cromwell Alderman Halifax Nova Scotia
50 1986 Richard Gilbert Councillor Toronto Ontario
51 1987 Jean Corbeil Mayor Anjou Quebec
52 1988 George Cuff Mayor Spruce Grove Alberta
53 1989 George Ferguson Mayor Abbotsford British Columbia
54 1990 Ray O'Neill Councillor St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador
55 1991 Doreen Quirk Councillor Markham Ontario
56 1992 Margaret Delisle Mayor Sillery Quebec
57 1993 Ron Hayter Mayor Edmonton Alberta
58 1994 Laurence Mawhinney Mayor Lunenburg Nova Scotia
59 1995 John Les Mayor Chilliwack British Columbia
60 1996 Bryon Wilfert Councillor Richmond Hill Ontario
61 1997 Jae Eadie Deputy Mayor Winnipeg Manitoba
61 1998 Claude Cantin Deputy Mayor Quebec City Quebec
62 1999 Sam Synard Deputy Mayor Marystown Newfoundland and Labrador
63 2000 Joanne Monaghan Councillor Kitimat British Columbia
64 2001 Jack Layton Councillor Toronto Ontario
65 2002 John Schmal Alderman Calgary Alberta
66 2003 Yves Ducharme Mayor Gatineau Quebec
67 2004 Ann MacLean Mayor New Glasgow Nova Scotia
68 2005 Michael Coleman Mayor Duncan British Columbia
69 2005[j] Gloria Kovach Councillor Guelph Ontario
70 2006[k] Gord Steeves Councillor Winnipeg Manitoba
71 2008 Jean Perrault Mayor Sherbrooke Quebec
72 2009 Basil Stewart Mayor Summerside Prince Edward Island
73 2010 Hans Cunningham Director Central Kootenay British Columbia
74 2011 Berry Vrbanovic Councillor Kitchener Ontario
75 2012 Karen Leibovici Councillor Edmonton Alberta
76 2013 Claude Dauphin Mayor Lachine Quebec
77 2014 Brad Woodside Mayor Fredericton New Brunswick
77 2015 Raymond Louie Councillor Vancouver British Columbia
77 2016 Clark Somerville Regional Councillor Halton Hills Ontario
77 2017 Jenny Gerbasi Councillor Winnipeg Manitoba
77 2018 Vicki-May Hamm Mayor Magog Quebec

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  11. ^ Appointed to replace Gloria Kovach in 2006 or 2007. Went on to be elected to his own term in 2007.


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