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The Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations (FIPPA) is one of the governing bodies for the pitch and putt in the world, along with the International Pitch and Putt Association (IPPA). It was created in March 2006 by the representatives of 17 national governing bodies and is based in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Members include the pitch and putt unions of Ireland, Great Britain, Catalonia, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Chile, Andorra, Germany and the United States. Canada and China are associated members.

FIPPA organizes a World Cup since 2004 and a World Strokeplay Championship since 2009.

FIPPA Members
Member Web site
Andorra Andorra Associació Andorrana de Pitch and Putt (AAPP)
Australia Australia Australian Pitch and Putt Association (APPA) http://www.australianpitchandputt.com/
Canada Canada Canadian Pitch and Putt Association (CPPA) http://www.canadappa.ca/
Catalonia Catalonia Associació Catalana de Pitch and putt (FCPP) http://www.pitchandputt.cat/
Chile Chile Federación Chilena de Pitch and Putt (FCPP)
China China China Pitch and Putt Association
Germany Germany Deutscher Pitch & Putt Verband (DPPV) http://www.dppv.de/
United Kingdom Great Britain British Pitch and Putt Association (BPPA) http://www.bppa.org.uk/
Republic of Ireland Ireland Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland (PPUI) http://www.ppui.ie/
Netherlands The Netherlands Nederlandse Pitch&Putt Bond (NPPB) http://www.nppb.nl
Norway Norway Norges Pitch & Putt Forbund (NPPF) http://www.pitch-putt.no/
Switzerland Switzerland Scweizerischen Pitch and Putt Verband (SPPA) http://www.swisspitchputt.ch/
United States United States US Pitch and Putt Association

In 2009, France, Italy, San Marino and Denmark left FIPPA, after the creation of another international association, the International Pitch and Putt Association (IPPA).[1]

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