Federation of Medical Students-Taiwan

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Federation of Medical Students-Taiwan
Motto Think Globally, Act Locally
Formation 11 August 1988
Type Student organization
Headquarters Taipei city
appx. 10,000 medical students (13 universities, 17 departments in Taiwan)
Official language
Traditional Chinese, English
President at present
Yen-Hao Chu (Isaac)
Website fmstw.org

Federation of Medical Students in Taiwan (also known as FMSTW), as the representative of all the medical students in Taiwan, consists of 12 medical colleges, including 16 departments of medicine, post-baccalaureate medicine, Chinese medicine, post-baccalaureate Chinese medicine. and one observer member. FMSTW also works as a formal member in both International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) [1] and Asian Medical Students' Association (AMSA),[2] representing medical students from Taiwan in all forms of international organizations and campaigns.


  1. Promote interactions among medical students all over the country.
  2. Protect and fight for the rights belong to medical students in Taiwan.
  3. Integrate medical students in Taiwan to make good contributions to society.
  4. Participate in international affairs as a deputation of medical students in Taiwan.[citation needed]


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