Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches

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Swiss Protestant Churches
Classification Protestant
Orientation Zwinglianism and Calvinism/Reformed,
Polity A federation of 26 regional and denominational churches that practice their own forms of church governance.
Associations World Communion of Reformed Churches, World Council of Churches, Conference of Churches on the Rhine, Community of Protestant Churches in Europe
Region Switzerland
Origin 1920[1]
Congregations 982
Members 2,416 973 [2]

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (Schweizerischer Evangelischer Kirchenbund, Fédération des Eglises protestantes de Suisse, Federazione delle Chiese evangeliche della Svizzera, Federaziun da las baselgias evangelicas da la Svizra - SEK-FEPS) is a federation of 26 member churches — 24 cantonal churches and two free churches (Free Church of Geneva and the Evangelical-Methodist Church of Switzerland). The SEK-FEPS is not a church in a theological understanding, because every member is independent with their own theological and formal organisation. It serves as a legal umbrella before the federal government and represents the church in International relations. Except for the Evangelical-Methodist Church, which covers all of Switzerland, the member churches are restricted to a certain territory.

President of the Federation is Gottfried Locher.

Members of the Federation[edit]

The reformed "Landeskirchen" of Switzerland

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