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Federico Finchelstein is an Argentine historian and chair of the history department at the New School for Social Research.

After receiving his undergraduate education at the University of Buenos Aires, he received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2006. He has previously taught at Brown University.

He is an expert on fascism in Europe and South America and several of his books have explored the links between the two. He has also been a commentator on politics in The Guardian and the New York Times, among other publications in Argentina and elsewhere.

Recent books[edit]

  • From Fascism to Populism in History (2017)
  • The Ideological Origins of the Dirty War: Fascism, Populism, and Dictatorship in Twentieth-Century Argentina (2014)
  • Transatlantic Fascism: Ideology, Violence and the Sacred in Argentina and Italy, 1919-1945 (2010)

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