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Federico Hidalgo is a filmmaker and film professor in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has directed four feature fiction films to date A Silent Love (2004), Imitation (2006), L'incrédule (2011) and Le concierge (2014), as well as a feature-length documentary, New Tricks (2009), all five of them released by Atopia.

A Silent Love, co-written with his wife, Paulina Robles, was nominated for a Genie Award for best original screenplay and was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival.[1] It also won the Best Screenplay Award at 2004 Brooklyn International Film Festival.[2] Variety wrote that the film "offers a diverting spin on the mail-order-bride premise, making a charming feature debut for writer-director Federico Hidalgo and co-writer Paulina Robles (Hidalgo's wife)."[3]

Hidalgo is both a graduate of and professor at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.[4]


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