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Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Key people
Paul Pathy, President[1]
Number of employees
275 office staff worldwide
3,000 onboard ships and at terminals.
Website http://www.fednav.com/

Fednav is a group of Canadian companies, divisions, and subsidiaries in the maritime transport industry.[2] Primarily involved in transporting over 26.1 million tonnes of bulk cargo and break bulk cargo worldwide, the company is also involved in vessel servicing and cargo handling.[2]

Fednav Limited is Canada's largest ocean-going, dry-bulk shipowning and chartering company.[2] It primarily is engaged in transporting bulk cargo and breakbulk cargo worldwide.[2]

Business units[edit]

The core companies include Fednav Limited, Fednav International Ltd., Fednav Atlantic Lakes Line (FALLine), Federal Marine Terminals, Inc. (FMT), Fednav Direct, Arctic Operations and Projects, and Enfotec Technical Services. The company is headquartered in Montreal with offices in Tokyo, Antwerp, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Barbados and St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.[2] It also operates terminals in Canada and the United States.[2]

The company has a number of revenue streams. It is primarily known as an owner and charterer of ships.[3] According to the company, its main business is marine transportation of dry bulk and breakbulk cargoes worldwide.[3] The company has expertise in ship transport in the Canadian Arctic and ice navigation services.[3]

It also provides off ship services. It provides stevedoring services at terminals owned and operated by its subsidiary, FMT.[3] It also provides logistics services such as warehousing and ground transportation through its other subsidiary Fednav Direct.[3]


As of 2018, Fednav owns a fleet of 62 ships built between 1978 and 2018. All of the ships lie in the range of 28,000 DWT to 56,000 DWT. Two of the ships are registered in Canada, three in Barbados, and 57 in the Marshall Islands.[4]

The rest of Fednav's fleet consists of 20 to 40 short- and long-term charters depending on the time of year. The current 20 long-term chartered ships were built between 2005 and 2018. Fourteen of these are between 53,000 DWT to 64,000 DWT, and the rest fall in the range of 36,000 DWT to 37,000 DWT. One of these ships is registered in Hong Kong, eleven in Panama, five in Singapore and, three in the Marshall Islands.[5] The company currently has 14 new ships on order, of which, 7 will be owned, scheduled for delivery between 2018 and 2021. The total DWT of the owned and long-term chartered fleet is 3,306,724 DWT with an average age of 8.5 years.

Many of the ships in the Fednav fleet are strengthened for navigation in ice.[4][5] It operates in locations such as the Beaufort Sea and Bent Horn at latitude 76°77′ north. Most of its vessels have been classified with the Ice Class 1C* notation by Det Norske Veritas. This allows them to work in the Canadian Arctic with the assistance of icebreakers.[6] Three vessels in the Fednav fleet, 1978-built Arctic, 2006-built Umiak I, and 2014-built Nunavik are fitted with icebreaker bows and have enough ice-strengthening and installed power to operate independently in Arctic ice conditions. In 2018, Fednav ordered a fourth icebreaking cargo vessel to eventually replace the MV Arctic. The Polar class 4 ship is scheduled for delivery in 2020.

Fednav vessels operating in the arctic are required to have specially trained ice advisors on board.[6] Ice advisors advise the ship's master in issues such as minimizing ice accretion.

Some vessels owned or operated by Fednav
image name year yard notes
Federal Bering (ship, 2015), IMO 9697832, Port of Antwerp pic2.JPG Federal Bering 2015
Federal Bristol (ship, 2015) IMO 9697844 Port of Amsterdam.JPG Federal Bristol 2015
Ship Federal Danube.jpg Federal Danube 2004
Federal Hunter (ship, 2001), IMO 9205938, Port of Antwerp.JPG Federal Hunter 2001
Federal Katsura - Quebec 03.JPG Federal Katsura 2005
Lives in Transit- Behind the Scenes with Pierre Valée (9613600505).jpg Federal Kumano 2003
Salty Federal Margaree moored in Toronto, 2013 09 04 -a.JPG Federal Margaree 2005
Freighter approaches Redpath, near dusk, 2016 04 09 (4) (26440745876).jpg Federal Rideau 2000
Federal Sakura IMO 9288291.JPG Federal Sakura 2005
Federal Schelde à Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec.jpg Federal Schelde 1997
Federal Tiber 2011
  • First freighter to ship ore to market from the Baffinland mine.
Federal Welland Stern - Dec. 2010.jpg Federal Welland 2000
FEDERAL WESER - IMO 9229972 - Callsign P3EJ9, Port of Antwerp.JPG Federal Weser 2002
Benkid77 Federal Yoshino, Birkenhead Docks 080908.JPG Federal Yoshino 2001
Federl Yukon, unloading, SSA40718hafen.jpg Federal Yukon 2000


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