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Feed My Lambs
Founded 1990
Founder Kells (Sr.) and Elizabeth Weatherby
Type Faith Based
Focus Children, Education, & Poverty
Area served
World Wide
Method School Planting
Website http://www.feedmylambs.net/

Feed My Lambs, Inc. is a non-profit ministry located in Marietta, GA, which operates tuition-free Christian preschools and grade schools for children living in impoverished areas of metro Atlanta, GA; Liberia, Africa; and Piedras Negras and Nava, Mexico. To date they have enrolled more than 13,200 children in 20 independent schools. Currently enrollment exceeds 1,600 children. During the Christmas season, Feed My Lambs also hosts “Happy Birthday Jesus” parties in the school communities as well as local prisons.


Feed My Lambs opened its first school in Marietta in 1990, gaining its legal status as a non-profit organization in April 1992 and is overseen by a Board of Directors with 8 members.


The mission of Feed My Lambs is to impact children by opening preschools of excellence in high-risk communities in order to educate children and their families about the love of Christ. The schools are funded solely by donations from individuals, foundations, churches and businesses. Feed My Lambs transforms lives by nourishing children's minds, bodies, and spirits.


Currently Feed My Lambs, Inc. (FML) is operating 8 schools serving approximately 1,600 children: four in the Atlanta area (one more pending location); three in Liberia, Africa; two in Northern Mexico. These schools are “safe havens” for children in need. Feed My Lambs has a waiting list for most of their Atlanta community schools, with the Atlanta Housing Authority requesting FML to open even more schools.

Metro Atlanta[edit]

Feed My Lambs currently operates four tuition-free Christian preschools in the Atlanta area. Three of these schools—located in Austell, Canton, and Marietta—serve children ages 3 through 5. The fourth school, on the City of Refuge campus on Atlanta’s Westside, serves children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age, including children from families in the City of Refuge’s Eden Village homeless services program as well as children from surrounding neighborhoods. All Feed My Lambs schools maintain surging waiting lists, and after working to identify another site for an additional preschool nearby by divine providence, Feed My Lambs will be opening a new Atlanta location in partnership with Friendship Baptist Church in the 2017/2018 school year in order to double the number of Westside children served.


Kells (Sr.) and Elizabeth Weatherby began working on a school in a township of Piedras Negras, Mexico called El Eden more than ten years ago. Today the school has received recognition from the state government for education. Also, the Nava school, whose construction began in 2003, opened with two buildings in the Fall of 2007.

Liberia, Africa[edit]

Feed My Lambs has a school in Ganta, one in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, and a Paynesville City school, all directed by Benjamin and Mandu Tomah.

Happy Birthday Jesus parties[edit]

During the Christmas season, FML also holds Christmas parties, in which Christmas is celebrated with children in these same communities, as well as local detention centers. During these parties, each child receives a shirt, a gift bag filled with special gifts of winter wear, toys, candy, and educational items, along with a hot meal. There is a program with singing and dancing.

Parties are held around the Metro Atlanta area, West Virginia, Mexico, and Africa. This year, their first African Christmas party was held in Nairobi, Kenya. It was very well received there with approximately 3,000 children in attendance. In the last several years, these parties have served over 12,000 children and their families.

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