Feeding off the Mojo

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Feeding off the Mojo (Night Ranger Album)
Studio album by Night Ranger
Released October 17, 1995
Genre Hard rock
Label Drive Entertainment
Producer David Prater
Night Ranger chronology
Man in Motion
Feeding off the Mojo

Feeding Off The Mojo is the sixth studio album by Night Ranger, released on October 17, 1995 on Drive Entertainment Records. It is the only album with bassist/vocalist Gary Moon.

"Music Box" was written by Moon before he joined the group.

The beginning intro music on the track "Mojo" was actually played while the Jack Blades-led Night Ranger took the stage during their 1996 reunion tour.

"Your Eyes Are the Window", "Wrong Again", "Alligator", and "Heart of Stone" are tracks that were submitted for the album, but were not used.

The album was produced by David Prater, who had also produced Dream Theater, FireHouse, and Arcade. The album was recorded from July 15, 1994 to August 31, 1995.

David Zajicek played additional guitars on the album and toured with the band as an additional guitarist and keyboardist.

Night Ranger opened the first half of the tour with the song "Mojo" and the second half with the song "Longest Days".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mojo" (Night Ranger) 4:12
  2. "Last Chance" (Night Ranger, J. Paris) 5:05
  3. "Try (For Good Reason)" (Night Ranger, D. O'Brien) 3:56
  4. "Precious Time" (Night Ranger, Todd Meagher) 4:41
  5. "The Night Has A Way" (D. Tyson, C. Ward) 4:53
  6. "Do You Feel Like I Do/Tomorrow Never Knows" (Peter Frampton/Lennon–McCartney) 4:53
  7. "Music Box" (Night Ranger, Steve Isham) 5:38
  8. "Longest Days" (Night Ranger, C. Sparks) 5:01
  9. "Tell Me I'm Wrong" (Night Ranger) 4:36
  10. "So Far Gone" (Night Ranger) 5:15