Feeling Sexy

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Feeling Sexy
Directed byDavida Allen
Produced byChris Noonan
Glenys Rowe
StarringSusie Porter
Tamblyn Lord
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
50 minutes
Box officeA$475,000 (Australia)[1]

Feeling Sexy is a 1999 Australian short feature from artist Davida Allen.

Davida Allen later described the film as:

A lovely plum pudding story. It's not out there with a big sign saying that this is the answer. But like all stories you can just get a little taste of 'we could do that'. There's hope and, as a Catholic, I feel that there is hope and I want to tell stories that say there is hope. It's a love story unlike the Hollywood stories which say move on; it's not working here so move on. Feeling Sexy is not a kind of Bible story that says, 'Drat it, this is going to be hard work'. It's just a different angle at looking at a universal situation. It's a celebration of monogamy. It's very similar to a seed which, unless it's watered, dies.[2]



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