Feeling That Way

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"Feeling That Way"
Song by Journey
from the album Infinity
ReleasedJanuary 20, 1978
Songwriter(s)Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie
Producer(s)Roy Thomas Baker

"Feeling That Way", also known as "Feeling That Way (When the Summer's Gone)", is a song by American rock band Journey, featured on their 1978 album titled Infinity.


The song was first an instrumental entitled "Velvet Curtain" that was shelved until Gregg Rolie decided to rerecord it with words and change the name to "Please Let Me Stay." It was originally going to be put on their third album Next but was pulled at the last minute. When Steve Perry joined the band, he rewrote the song yet again adding a fresh new chorus and sharing lead vocals with Gregg Rolie. The song was finally released on the 1978 album Infinity."

"Feeling That Way" was not released on the Greatest Hits or the first issue of The Essential Journey, although the 3.0 limited edition copy of The Essential Journey, Don't Stop Believin': The Best of Journey, and Greatest Hits 2 feature this song.


The song starts out with Gregg Rolie singing the first verse and playing the piano. After the first verse, the rest of the band starts to perform and Steve Perry sings the chorus. Starting near the end of the song each band member together sings the line "Feeling that Way" continuously throughout the rest of the song.

On the album, the song segues immediately into "Anytime"; as a result, many American classic rock and AOR radio stations play the two tracks as a single song.

Music video[edit]

Like other singles from the album, such as "Wheel in the Sky" and "Lights", a music video was produced for the song. It was directed by Bruce Gowers.

Band members[edit]


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