Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-Po)

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"Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-Po)"
Single by Guy Mitchell
Songwriter(s)Bob Merrill
Guy Mitchell singles chronology
"Day of Jubilo"
"Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-Po)"
"'Cause I Love You, That's a Why"

"Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-Po)" is a popular song written by Bob Merrill in 1952. Its best-known version was recorded by Guy Mitchell in 1952. The song reached #18 on the Cashbox charts in August 1952. The song also reached #2 on the UK charts in November 1952, becoming the first ever number two record in the UK.[1]

The narrator of the song is a former lowlife who is reforming so he can set a good example for his newborn son, whom he loves. The title refers to the tradition of spanking a newborn baby just after birth, to ensure it draws breath.


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