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Chang Fei

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Chang Fei
Chinese name 張菲
Pinyin Zhāng Fēi (Mandarin)
Born (1951-12-04) 4 December 1951 (age 66)
Other names 菲哥 (Brother Fei)
Chang Fei in 2003

Zhang Yanming (Chinese: 張彥明), or better known as About this sound Chang Fei  (張菲; Zhāng Fēi) or Fei Ge (菲哥; "Brother Fei") (born 4 December 1951), is a singer and television personality from Taiwan.

Chang Fei is the host of the variety show "Variety Big Brother" (綜藝大哥大), and is also a singer who has recorded CDs. He is the brother of ballad singer Fei Yu Ching. He also has a sister, who is a buddhist nun, known by the dharma name Heng Shu (恆述法師), who was also a singer. He is associated with long-time friends including Frankie Kao and the late comedian Ni Min-jan. He has two sons, divorced once, and owns several successful restaurants. He is also one of the most celebrated wing surfers in the local surfing community. Known for his taste of the classical music and jazz, women and men adore his performance as a saxophone player. Many celebrities will remember his famous quote from the early TV show, "Comedian Bump Earth" (笑星撞地球), saying "Are you Happy? Yes we are!" (快樂嗎?很快樂!) Fei is reportedly to be on his way to retirement, beating out his disciples such as Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) and Hu Gua (胡瓜). He plans to order his favorite new up and comer, Kang Kang, to be his successor. However, Kang Kang left Variety Big Brother before its final show.

Although Fei was rumored to be retiring, he is still active in making appearances on various Taiwanese variety shows.

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