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Fei Ngo Shan Road (Chinese: 飛鵞山道) is a hilly road in New Kowloon of Hong Kong. The road begins east at Clear Water Bay Road in Cha Liu Au north of Shun Lee and east of Ngau Chi Wan. It runs north to Custom Pass and Pak Kung Au and continue north to Tate's Pass (Tai Lo Au). It turns west and ends in Shatin Pass Road at the junction with Jat's Incline.


Fei Ngo Shan Road runs high among hills in New Kowloon like Kowloon Peak, Middle Hill (Cheung Shan), Tung Shan, Cham Tin Shan and Tate's Cairn or Tai Lo Shan. Part of the road has an excellent view of Victoria Harbour.

The hilly road (off Clear Water Bay road) is reminiscent of a once glorious, high-end residential area. On two sides of the road are high walls placed to protect the detached houses that are split into their own complex. Some of the complex are new but the ones that are old are undoubtedly un-kept and seem very old. Otherwise, the hilly road has stray dogs, wild pigs, and tik bugs taking residence among the houses, and therefore the location lives up to its name of being a country side residence.


It is a popular place for drivers having their nights. The place is quiet making it a good spot for couples.

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Coordinates: 22°20′35″N 114°13′41″E / 22.34301°N 114.22799°E / 22.34301; 114.22799

At daytime, when winds are favorable, there are many activities of radio-controlled gliders, a sport become very popular since the early 2000