Feike Sijbesma

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Feike Sijbesma
Feike sijbesma-1495556952.jpg
EducationMSc in Medical biology
Alma materUtrecht University
Erasmus University Rotterdam
OccupationBusiness executive
Known forCEO of Royal DSM (2007–present)

Feike Sijbesma (born 1959) is a Dutch business executive who is the current CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of DSM. He is also a designated Global Climate Leader for the World Bank Group and is the Co-Chair of the High Level Assembly of the group's Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

Early life and education[edit]

Sijbesma during the WEF 2013

Sijbesma was born in Nieuw-Loosdrecht, Netherlands in 1959. His father was an insurance agent. Sijbesma graduated with a Master of Science in medical biology from Utrecht University and a Master of Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam.[1][2]


After graduating from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1987, Sijbesma took a job in the pharmaceuticals division of the Dutch biotechnology company, Gist-Brocades.[1] In 1993, he was appointed General Manager of the Savoury Business Unit at Gist-Brocades.[3] Two years later, he was appointed to the company's Executive Committee.[4] By 1998, he was Head of Marketing and Sales at the company. That year, Gist-Brocades was acquired by DSM.[1][5] After the merger, Sijbesma became the Director of DSM Food Specialties.[2][6]

In 2000, Sijbesma joined the Managing Board of Directors at DSM as the company shifted toward nutrition and biotech.[1][4][7] In May 2007, he was named CEO of the company and Chairman of the Managing Board.[8][9] As DSM CEO, Sijbesma transformed the company into a life science and material science company.[9] The company sold its last petrochemical business in 2010[1] including its entire industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical units. During that time, Sijbesma also oversaw 25 major acquisitions for the company.[10] Additionally, Sijbesma brought DSM into a partnership with the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) to provide food assistance to locations like Rwanda[11] and Kenya.[10] In Rwanda, a partnership between DSM, the WFP, and the Rwandan government produced an Africa Improved Foods manufacturing facility.[11] In 2010, Sijbesma was given the United Nations Humanitarian of the Year award.[12]

In 2016, he was named Co-Chair of the High Level Assembly of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) which is organized by the World Bank Group.[13] In 2017, the World Bank Group named him a "Global Climate Leader."[14] He also advocated for widespread corporate and governmental use of carbon pricing in 2017.[15] Sijbesma is a member of the Global CEO Council of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, advising the Chinese Premier.

Other activities[edit]


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