Feine Sahne Fischfilet

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Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Vainstream2015 FeineSahneFischfilet-27.jpg
Feine Sahne Fischfilet performing at Vainstream Rockfest in Münster, Germany, 2015
Background information
OriginRostock, Demmin, Jarmen, Wismar, Greifswald, Loitz, Hanshagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, GER
Years active2007–present
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Feine Sahne Fischfilet is a German punk band formed in 2007 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The band's members are from Jarmen, Demmin, Greifswald, Rostock, Demmin, Loitz, Hanshagen and Wismar.

The band has officially released five studio albums: Backstage mit Freunden in 2009 and Wut im Bauch, Trauer im Herzen a year later — both released via Diffidati Records —, Scheitern & Verstehen in 2012, Bleiben oder Gehen in 2015 and Sturm & Dreck in 2018 via Audiolith Records. The 2015 released fourth studio album peaked at no. 21 in the German Albums Charts. Sturm & Dreck reached no. 3 in German Albums Charts, no. 12 in the Austrian Albums Charts and no. 30 in the Swiss Albums Charts.

In 2009 the Landeskriminalamt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern filed a lawsuit against the band because of the song Staatsgewalt which is on the tracklist on their debut record Backstage mit Freunden at the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien for potential violent content which got declined later.[1] Two years later the band was mentioned in the Verfassungsschutzbericht of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for having an explicit anti-state attitude.[2] The band was featured in the Verfassungsschutzbericht again a year later.[3][4]

Feine Sahne Fischfilet played at major music festivals like Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, Hurricane Festival, Southside and Vainstream Rockfest.[5][6][7] As a reaction of the protests in Chemnitz the band took part at the free-for-all concert under the moniker #WirSindMehr alongside Die Toten Hosen, Kraftklub, Marteria, Casper and K.I.Z. against hate and racism. German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier shared a posting about this concert on his social media and got criticized for supporting left extremists in content of the participation of Feine Sahne Fischfilet.[8]

The band won several prizes like the Preis für Popkultur in 2017 for their campaign Noch nicht komplett im Arsch. Feine Sahne Fischfilet ranked second at the 2013s Courage Prize of the Linksfraktion at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Prior to that the band was nominated as Best Newcomer at the VIA! Vut Indie Awards. In 2018 the band was nominated at the Best German Act category at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards.


Year Title Peak positions[9] Label
2009 Backstage mit Freunden Diffidati Reocrds
2010 Wut im Bauch, Trauer im Herzen
2012 Scheitern & Verstehen Audiolith Records
2015 Bleiben oder Gehen 21
2018 Sturm & Dreck 3 12 30


Year Nominated work Award Category Result Place Notes
2012 Feine Sahne Fischfilet VIA! Vut Indie Awards Best Newcomer Nominated [10]
2013 Courage Prize of the Linksfraktion at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Won 2nd [11]
2017 Noch nicht komplett im Arsch Preis für Popkultur Most exciting Idea/Campaign Nominated [12]
2018 Feine Sahne Fischfilet MTV Europe Music Awards Best German Act Nominated [13]

Band members[edit]

  • Jan ″Monchi″ Gorkow — Vocals (2007–present)
  • Christoph Sell — Guitars, Backing vocals (2007–present)
  • Jacobus North — Trumpet (2007–present)
  • Max Bobzin — Trumpet (2007–present)
  • Kai Irrgang — Bass (2007–present)
  • Olaf Ney — Drums (2007–present)


  • Several members, including vocalist Jan Gorkow are part of the FC Hansa Rostock fan scene.[14]
  • The song Ostrava was dedicated to the FC Hansa fan scene; Keine Träne describes the estrangement of the fan scene.[15]
  • Vocalist Jan Gorkow had to face a lawsuit because he was accused to be involved in a confrontation with a neo nazi.[16] He was later acquitted by the court.[17][18]
  • Charly Hübner directed the documentary movie Wildes Herz which is about the band.[19]
  • In 2017 originally comedian Jan Böhmermann was receiving the VUT Indie Award but he didn't attend the Awards ceremony. Feine Sahne Fischfilet were declared as winner afterwards. Böhmermann and the bands members auctioned the prize on Ebay and donated that money to Jugend rettet, an organization which helps rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.[20]
  • Jan Gorkow is involved in the campaign MV for Kobane.[21][22]
  • In October 2016, Jan Gorkow was part of TV show ″Applaus und raus!″ on Pro Sieben moderated by stand-up comedian Oliver Polak.

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