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Feist may refer to:


  • Feist (singer), Leslie Feist (born 1976), Canadian musician
  • Felix E. Feist (1910–1965), American film maker, father of Raymond
  • Gene Feist, (1923 – 2014), American playwright, theatre director and co-founder of the Roundabout Theater Company
  • Leo Feist (1869–1930), publisher of popular American music
  • Margot Honecker née Feist (born 1927), German politician
  • Mathias Feist, (born 1961), German software programmer
  • Rainer Feist, (1945 – 2007), Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe in NATO
  • Raymond E. Feist (born 1945), American fantasy author
  • Sigmund Feist (1865–1943), German historical linguist