Feistritz Saddle

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Feistritz Saddle
Feistritz Saddle is located in Alps
Feistritz Saddle
Feistritz Saddle
Location of the Feistritz Saddle
Elevation1,286 m (4,219 ft)
Traversed byL407
Coordinates47°34′3″N 15°51′55″E / 47.56750°N 15.86528°E / 47.56750; 15.86528Coordinates: 47°34′3″N 15°51′55″E / 47.56750°N 15.86528°E / 47.56750; 15.86528

The Feistritz Saddle (German: Feistritzsattel, elevation 1,298 m) is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps between the Bundesländer of Lower Austria and Styria.

The pass leads between the Wechsel (1,743 m) and the Stuhleck (1,784 m).

With the Semmering, it is one of the most important links between Lower Austria and Styria.

Many hiking trails in the area make it a destination for hikers, particularly to the nearby Sonnwendstein. In winter, the area is a popular cross-country skiing venue.