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Yaakov Feitman is a rabbi, speaker and author [1] who helped build and expand congregations in more than one geographic region and was the founding principal [2] of three schools.[3]

Feitman was born in a Displaced Persons camp to Holocaust survivors.[4][page needed]


He received rabbinical ordination from rabbis Moshe Feinstein and Yitzchok Hutner.[5]

Feitman is a past president of the Young Israel Council of Rabbis, has been a Scholar-in-Residence [6] all over the world and spoken at OU, Torah Umesorah and Agudah conventions.[7]

Congregation Builder[edit]

Presently the rabbi of the popular "Red Shul", Kehillas Bais Yehuda Tzvi in Cedarhurst, New York), he has held pulpits in Cleveland, Ohio and Teaneck, NJ.

Cleveland, Ohio[edit]

In 1983, moved from Brooklyn to become the rabbi of Young Israel of Cleveland, which at the time [4][page needed] had congregations in Cleveland Heights and South Euclid. Feitman divided his time between and duties between the 2 locations and helped guide these congregants, over a period of years, through this transition. Later he helped with another transition in what became the Young Israel of Beachwood, located in a Cleveland-suburb.[8]

Those years involved not only religious matters but dealing with extensive problems regarding land use and discrimination [9] .[10]



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