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Felching is a sexual practice involving the act of sucking semen out of the anus of one's partner. The act of sucking semen out of a vagina is known as creampie eating.

Earliest appearance of the term

According to the 2003 draft entry for "felch" in the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest occurrence of the word in print appears to have been in The Argot of the Homosexual Subculture by Ronald A. Farrell in 1972.[1]

FELTCH [sic] (v.): To use one's mouth or tongue on the anus of his partner; analingus or male cunnilingus (syn. RIM).

The word was subsequently featured in a 1975 underground comic: Felch Cumics, published by Keith Green. Contributors to Felch included Zap Comix cartoonists Robert Williams, S. Clay Wilson, Robert Crumb, and Spain Rodriguez. Members of the Zap collective had previously published two sexually themed comic books, Snatch and Jiz, and decided to continue pushing the envelope by publishing Felch. According to Williams:

OK, since we didn’t get in any trouble with Snatch and Jiz, and a couple of these other comics, I was partying one night with Crumb, Wilson and these other guys. And Wilson mentioned to me, he says, "I was talking to Ken Weaver and he had this real interesting word." I said what, "What is it?" "A word called 'felch.'" I said, "What does that mean?" He said, "It is a real old term and it means orally withdrawing semen from someone’s lower digestive tract after having anal sex." I said, "There’s a word for something like that?" That’s incredible that not only is there a word like that, but it has a provenance. Hell yeah, we’re going to do a felch comic. So I talked to Crumb, "Yeah, we’re going to do a felch comic."

Crumb's contribution was a parody of an editorial cartoon featuring John Q. Public felching "Mother Nature/Lady Liberty" after she has had anal sex with a Pravda-style cartoon capitalist.[2] Williams' contribution to the comics was titled "The Nectar of Satan."[3]

It was also used in 1979 by Larry Kramer in his novel Faggots, where he defined it as sucking the ejaculate from the anus after intercourse.[4]

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