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The four towers at the Feldberg/Taunus transmitter site

The Feldberg/Taunus transmitter is a facility for FM- and TV-broadcasting and for directional radio services.

It is used for FM- and TV-broadcasting; a 116.17 metre high guyed mast is used as an antenna tower. It is located on the Großer Feldberg, the highest mountain in the Taunus region of Germany.

The telecommunication tower on the Großer Feldberg is a combination of a multistoried building and a telecommunications tower of unconventional design.


The transmitter
Two shorter towers at the site
The antenna

This tower was built in 1937 as a 53 metre tall reinforced concrete construction with an upper section built of wood. Intended as a television tower for the Rhine Main Area, it became a radar station during World War II. Before the end of World War II, the tower was heavily damaged by bombs, and the structure burned down.

In 1950, reconstruction of the tower was started. The lower 5 floors were reused in the 21.20 meters high reinforced concrete base. On these a 17.65 metre tall structural steel framework with 5 projections was set up. This carried a 30.28 metre tall timber construction with 9 floors, so that the tower (without the UHF antenna installed on the top) has a total height of 69.13 metres.

Since numerous directional antennas were set up, all connections of the wooden upper building had to be manufactured without metal.

Present status[edit]

The tower is now a protected monument.

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Coordinates: 50°13′55″N 8°27′26″E / 50.23204°N 8.45727°E / 50.23204; 8.45727