Felice Nazzaro

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Felice Nazzaro in 1906
1913 Nazzaro Tipo 3

Felice Nazzaro (4 December 1881 – 21 March 1940) was an Italian racecar driver, a native of Turin. He won the Kaiserpreis in 1907 as well as the French Grand Prix in 1907 and 1922 and Targa Florio in 1907,[1][2] and 1913. His European wins in 1907 resulted in an invitation to compete in the 1908 American Grand Prize in Savannah, Georgia, where he finished third. He returned to the United States for the 1910 event but a damaged rear axle forced him out of the race. It was his victory in the 1908 Circuito di Bologna that inspired a young Enzo Ferrari to become a racing driver. He continued racing until 1929 at the age of 48, and Nazzaro died in Turin in 1940 after a long illness at the age of 58.


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