Felicia Malipiero

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Felicia Malipiero was the Dogaressa of Venice by marriage to the Doge Pietro I Orseolo (r. 976-978) and mother of doge Pietro II Orseolo.


Felicia Malipiero is described as very religious and strict, and spent her time in pious duties. Alongside her spouse, she founded a hospital for pilgrims to the memory of doge Pietro Tradonico: while her spouse spent his time praying before the altar of the hospital, she devoted her time caring for the sick and menial chores.

When her spouse abdicated and entered a monastery in France, Malipiero entered the Benedictine Monastery of San Zaccaria. Although in a monastery, she continued being the adviser of her ruling sons, advising them always to protect the power of the church.



Preceded by
Waldrada of Tuscany
Dogaressa of Venice
Marina Candiano