Feliciano Canaveris

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Feliciano Canaveris
Birth name Feliciano Canaveris Denis
Born June 8, 1813
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died January, 1843
Tacuarembó, Uruguay
Service/branch Argentine Army
Years of service 1833-1843
Rank Captain
Battles/wars Argentine Civil War
Uruguayan Civil War

Feliciano Canaveris (1813–1843) was an Argentine military officer. He participated in the civil wars in Argentina between the unitarios and the federales.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Canaveris was born June 8, 1813 in Buenos Aires, the son of José Canaveris and Agustina Denis. Feliciano by maternal side was descendant of Anton Denis, who was born in Ireland in Limerick, Munster,[2] and arrived in the port of Buenos Aires from Portugal in 1595. He was brother of Juan Manuel Canaveris, José María Canaveris and Patricia Canaveris (1811-1870s).[3]


On October 2, 1833, Canaveris was graduated from the Argentine Navy, serving as Sub-lieutenant in the Naval artillery.[4] In 1834 he served as gunner's in the regiment commanded by Manuel Ramírez.[5] In 1835, Canaveris served in army as Second-lieutenant of artillery. And a year later was promoted to Lieutenant.[6] In 1839, Canaveris had abandoned the federal army by disagreements with the government. Among those who had left the federal ranks, was his former the Colonel Francisco Sayós.[7]

During the government of Juan Manuel de Rosas, Feliciano Canaveris had been accused of "unitario".[8] In 1840 the authorities had given an arrest warrant against him, accusing him of wanting to leave Buenos Aires to join in the troops of Juan Lavalle.[9] He escaped towards Entre Ríos with the intention to get to Uruguay and then to exile in Montevideo. After crossing the Uruguay River aboard a flatboat, Canaveris traveled in direction of Tacuarembó, where was ambushed and arrested by a group of soldiers.[10]

In January 1843, the Captain Feliciano Canaveris dies executed by order of General Manuel Oribe.[11]


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