Felicidades (album)

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Front cover of Menudo's album Felicidades (1979)
Front cover of Menudo's album Felicidades (1979)
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1979
Genre Latin Pop
Menudo chronology
Más, Mucho Más
(1980)Más, Mucho Más1980

Felicidades is the fourth Spanish album by Menudo, released in 1979. It features brothers Carlos, Óscar and Ricky Melendez, Fernando Sallaberry and, René Farrait. It was a Christmas album (their first Christmas one). It was Carlos' last album with the group before being replaced by Johnny Lozada for the next album.

Track listing[edit]


  1. El Chiji Navideño - Singer: All the group
  2. Ensillando Mi Caballo - Singer: Carlos Meléndez and Fernando Sallaberry
  3. Naqui Quiñaqui - Singer: All the group
  4. Noche De Paz - Singer: Rene Farrait
  5. Arre, Caballito - Singer: Oscar Meléndez
  6. Eso Es Lo Mío - Singer: Oscar Meléndez and René Farrait
  7. A La Banda De Allá - Singer: Fernando Sallaberry and René Farrait
  8. Me Siento Niño - Singer: Ricky Meléndez
  9. Fue Tu Voz - Singer: Carlos Meléndez
  10. Plena Borinqueña - Singer: Fernando Sallaberry