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Nuremberg chronicles - Felicitas with her Seven Sons (CXIIIIr).jpg
Saint Felicity of Rome, a 2nd-century saint, inspired use of the name Felicity.
Gender Female
Word/name Latin and English
Meaning "hope, happiness and good luck"
Other names
Related names Felicitas, Felicia, Felix

Felicity is an English feminine given name meaning "happiness". It is derived from the Latin word felicitas meaning "luck, good fortune".[1] It is also used as a form of the Latin name Felicitas, taken from the name of the Ancient Roman goddess Fortuna.[2] It was also the name of Saint Felicity of Rome, a 2nd-century saint venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. Felicia, a related name, is a feminine form of the name Felix, which is derived from an Ancient Roman cognomen meaning "lucky," or "successful."

Felicity was the 236th most popular name for girls born in England and Wales in 2007.[3] The name was the 706th most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007, down from 619th place in 2006. The name was most popular in the United States in 1999, the year after the television show Felicity debuted. It was the 390th most popular name for girls in 1999, rising from 818th place in 1998, the year it debuted on the list of 1,000 most popular names for girls in the United States.[4] Felicity Merriman is a red-headed Colonial doll produced by the American Girl company. The doll, which has a tie-in book series, movies, and a number of accessories, was introduced in the United States in 1991.[5]

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