Felipe González de Canales

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Felipe González de Canales is one of the founders of the system of agriculture schools and rural development centers called Escuelas Familiares Agrarias (Agrarian Family Schools) which has 30 schools in Spain and has influenced 68 other agricultural schools in other parts of the world, including 14 in Peru, 9 in Argentina and 6 in the Philippines.

The Escuelas Familiares Agrarias was founded by Felipe González de Canales together with Jose Herreros.

Gonzalez is also the President of the Federacion de Instituto del Desarollo Comunitario (Federation of the Institute of Community Development). He is also the Secretary-General of the Red Estatal de Desarollo Rural (Statewide Network for Rural Development) or Reder.

He is also the founder of the farmers trade union Jóvenes Agricultores (Young Farmers) and of the Unión Sindical Obrera (Workers Trade Union), with José Luis Fernández Santillana.

The Spanish schools have 40,000 alumni, and presently have 3,000 students.

To describe the foundation and development of the schools, Gonzalez co-wrote the book, Roturar y sembrar, published by Rialp on the fortieth anniversary of the agrarian schools.

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