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Felipe Solari was born on 22 March 1982, in São Paulo, SP. He is a VJ from MTV Brasil, Brazilian actor, model and recently DJ.


Solari is the son of Jorge Aberto Ricardo, a Brazilian director, so Solari started his career acting in commercials, including the poster boy of Perdigão, which originated his nickname Patitas. He also did some short films and series on MTV.

Solari graduated in Radio TV from FAAP College, in São Paulo. After graduating he worked in the Brazilian TV Channel Bandeirantes Band from 2001 to 2004, with his friends Marcos Mion (MTV) and Rodrigo Vesgo, from the TV Show "Panic on TV" of SBT. In 2005, he came to MTV in the comedy sitcom "The Nadas", with Marcos Mion and Andre Vasco. The series had two seasons and was filmed in an apartment. The characters were jumbled and always having problems.

In 2006, Solari became one of the best VJs of MTV and led two programs: Chapa Coco, a music video show, and Cine MTV, in which he showed trailers, soundtracks and upcoming movies. In the following year, he went back to acting in Casal Neura and made a cover of Captain Jack Sparrow on an episode of Covernation. MTV introduced a new channel on the Portal MTV called Overdrive, and Solari was the poster boy of that. In March 2008, he commanded Domínio MTV, along with the VJ and model Kika Martinez, and did the voiceovers for Conrado Caqui's on the animated cartoon Fudêncio and His Friends and another cartoon called Mega Liga of Paladin Vjs.

On TV[edit]

Year Title Notes
2001 Descontrole/Subcontrole Band (Mascarado Patitas)
2004 Exilado Short-Film (Lucas)
2005 The Nadas Sitcom (Patitas)
2005 Chances Sort-Film (Daniel)
2006 Chapa Coco MTV
2006 Cine MTV MTV
2006 Warming-up Movie Awards MTV
2007 Casal Neura MTV
2007 Covernation de Verão MTV (Captain Jack Sparrow)
2007 Seres Silentes Shot-Film (Paulo)
2007 Overdrive MTV
2007 Rinha Movie (Hugo)
2008 Minuto VJ MTV
2008 MTV em Obras MTV
2008 Fudêncio MTV (Conrado)
2008 Domínio MTV MTV (with Kika Martinez)
2008 Special Nove Mil Anjos MTV
2009 MTV on Street MTV
2009 Garanhuns Special Festival MTV
2010 Os Legendários Rede Record


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